Saturday, January 10, 2009

wedding shoes :)

Did I ever show you my wedding shoes?  They are quite pretty I think even if they did rub blisters all over my feet.  :)  

After shopping for shoes (remember this post with the shoe in the purse?

There was also this instance of lining up the shoes in my closet and measuring heel heights to figure out what my most normal heel height was so that I would be most comfortable on my wedding day.  Then I would know which pair to take with me to my fitting even though I hadn't bought the shoes I would wear yet and then I would just have to find shoes to buy with the same heel height.  Simple, huh?  Oh the craziness of being a bride to be.  It was great but I wouldn't trade being on the other side of it.  

Here are the wedding day beauties!  

photo:  Rachel Debell Photography


Mod Girl said...

Very pretty!

Sometimes brides think about TOO MUCH! I know, once upon a time, I did! I'm with you, "the other side" is the best.

Lobster and swan said...

Great gold shoes!