Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fun new toy!!!

I got a new toy!!!  

A photo printer!

I am so excited.  We had Target gift cards from my students and from wedding gifts and from a sweet friend sort of "just because" that we used to buy a photo printer and photo paper!  What a fun splurge!  I am so excited.  

I have four new capabilities that I've never had before, printing my own photos (which is huge since the whole uploading and ordering process seems so cumbersome and time consuming to me), scanning, copying and color printing!

It is so much fun to be so excited about something.  :)

So far I have printed some wedding photos to hang in our entryway in frames I already had and I am also going to print some photos for a few frames we received as wedding gifts.  I have printed a couple of our favorite food photos and want to find some very simple/minimalist frames to make a foodie "wall of fame" in our kitchen.  :)  

Do you have a photo printer?  What are some of your favorite things to do with it or techniques/tips you can share?  I think that my possibilities for scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, decorating, crafting, card making, etc. just exponentially increased!  Let me know your ideas and thank you if you gave us a Target card for a wedding gift!  Kelly

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Julie said...

How exciting to have a new toy.....Nope, I don't have one..

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your words of honesty. I used to be paralyzed with "not knowing what to do".... because I was such a striver, performer....worker.. Stillness scared me, honestly. I felt better moving about, making things happen...

Then Jesus started speaking to me about coming away into the stillness to learn about His yoke and His burden. I don't fear the stillness anymore because I have discovered in the stillness life becomes about Him.

He will take you into a place of resting in the "not knowing what to do" you abandon yourself to Him and His journey..... His is our rest!

Thanks for sharing your heart...