Sunday, January 11, 2009

DONE with the craft room . . . for now

I started to become overwhelmed with the PILES of stuff in the guest room/about to become "craft room" and wanted to have it ALL *right now*.  I wanted the organized/cute/decorated/brightly colored/coordinated craft room that would make my blog readers proud.  :)  (oh why do we think about what others will think?)  

Then after a few starts at making this grand vision happen, I realized that I just had to get everything in a place, some place.  Then, as Flylady would say, I can declutter it a little at a time, organize and decorate! 

So, here you have the craft room as it is now, in pictures.

It is a delightful room to be in and we both hung out in here together tonight.  Adrian with his laptop and me with some sewing.  It was so nice!

I have completed (and cleaned up from) my first craft in here!  So much fun!  

Without further ado . . . the photos:  

who would have guessed games, glue guns, tags for wrapping packages 
and picture frames are contained within?  

If you have pictures of your craft room/spare bedroom/similar space, I would love to see them for inspiration as I go forward.  Leave a link in your comment!  :)  Thanks!  Kelly


Kelly said...

Wow, that is top notch organization. I am envious and wish my crafts were in such order.

Jenni said...

so fun....can't wait to see it in person!

sara's art house said...

Hi! Love your craft room! The chalkboard is adorable.

I found a post with string and circles- not sure if if is what you are looking for....

Thanks for your comment! I am glad to meet you and find your fun blog!

Jacquie said...

I love it and I am totally jealous!

Mod Girl said...

Love that sunlight streaming through the window! I am in awe of your craft supply stash. Wow! I think the more you use your craft room the more it will take on the colorful, creative look you want. At least now you are organized; that is the first, huge step!

Amy L said...

Mine is in progress, but I'll share a couple of links to my dream craft rooms!

Deborah said...

INCREDIBLE! My favorite parts are the color-organized crayon jar, the My Little Pony, and the red and blue vintage lunchboxes/cases!

...oh yeah, and anytime you write the word "squiggles", it's a guaranteed smile from your old roomie. (That's just REAL fun!)

Karen said...

Can't wait to come and see you and stay in the guest/craft room. Do you think if I sleep in there, it will transform me into a crafty person?

Rachel said...

Adorable, as always, Kelly!

Miss you, friend!