Thursday, January 22, 2009

so I'd like to know . . .

when a recipe says:

prep:  10 minutes

does it ever take you that amount of time???

We're having a "souper bowl" to celebrate national soup month and national pie day tomorrow at school.  Each team is responsible for bringing different things.  My thing is cornbread.

Well, I wrote on my calendar to make it last night but between church, laundry and probably reading a few of your blogs, :)  it didn't happen.  

So of course here I am doing it at 9:20 tonight.  I still need to pack for my weekend trip for this little cutie's birthday too.  

Anyway, the recipe said prep ten minutes and it took nearly 30 minutes for me to get it in the oven.  AND that is with me going at it full tilt, not dawdling around . . . does this happen to you guys?  And of course they list things like prep:  10 minutes, cook time:  25 minutes, total time: 35 minutes but they do not put clean up kitchen:  ??? minutes.  

I'm gonna stop sitting here writing a blog post and go do it!  okay, here I go . . . 

while I do that, why don't you tell me if this happens to you
what your best "speed cooking" tip is
what your favorite kind of soup, pie or cornbread is

okay, enough stalling . . . 



Jenni said...

I generally don't look at prep time - it always takes longer....that corn bread looks very yummy!!!

Heather said...

My prep times have been fairly accurate. What I've done to help me is actually time recipes that I make a lot so I do know how much time they'll take me next time.