Thursday, June 26, 2008

is this the cutest little guy in the world or what?

I had such a wonderful time in Houston with my family!  I got to spend some good quality time with lots of different people including my sweet sister-in-law and my precious nephew.  

He can say so many words now and it is so much fun to hear him talk!  






"my Dada"


and on and on

We're still working on "Aunt Kelly" but when you ask him where I am, he looks right at me and points to me.  

Mandy, thank you so much for helping me with wedding planning last week!  I had a great time and appreciate you so much!  I'm so glad we're sisters.  Kelly


Mandy Gibson said...

What a fun post! Caleb is such a handsome little man. Thanks for your kind words. It was fun to hang out with you too. I'm sad that I won't be able to see you next weekend. I hope you guys have fun, though. Love you!

Jessica said...

Kelly - your sister in law is really familiar to me. Did she every live in Lubbock or go to Texas Tech? I recognize her from somewhere!?