Monday, June 9, 2008


Happy Summer everyone!  I am so excited to be out of school and back to blogging!  

I've officially been out of school since Thursday afternoon.  I've celebrated summer so far with a wonderful ice cream sandwich cookie concoction at Pokey O's in Dallas.  For you locals, I don't believe you'll regret a visit!  It's on Mockingbird, right off 75.  Thanks to Katie for the recommendation!  I also wore a new pair of shorts on my first official day of summer, had two intense and good days of wedding planning with my mom, wandered around Hobby Lobby today, Wal-mart and a dress store quite leisurely mid-morning (ah the joy!) and am presently watching rain fall in a steady stream outside with thunder rumbling!  I LOVE being home during a summer thunderstorm!!!  Ahhh!!!

Adrian and I also went to a luau last night hosted by a couple in our class at church.  My friend Jenni thought that a photo of me wearing a grass skirt brought back to me from Hawaii as a child should be the pic that heralded my summer return to blogging.  I fully intended to take pics last night and would have happily shared them but I must say that grass skirts are best worn when standing and when you sit down and step on your skirt trying to get up and continually sit on it weird and then finally spill your drink on it and have wet, stringy, sticky grassy things swishing your legs, you decide to ditch the skirt for the remainder of the evening and therefore don't get any photos.  :)  

Happy summer everyone and feel free to leave some comments.  I'd love to hear how you've welcomed summer so far!  Kelly

photo:  taken last summer while on a float trip in Missouri.  I was taking a little break from paddling in the canoe.  :)  

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Jenni said...

bummer about the grass skirt pic! I would have loved to have seen it!!

I was going to leave a comment on your Hobby Lobby post, but there doesn't seem to be a place for me to do that!!

Don't you just love having a camera with you all the time to take photos of things so you don't have to remember what they looked like and write down all the prices?! I love the flower combinations and the tablecloth swatches! Can't wait to see all your plans!!!