Thursday, June 12, 2008

the purse of a bride-to-be

I'm sure this question has not been keeping you up at night but just for the sake of it, let's take a look at the contents of the purse of a bride-to-be, or at least this bride-to-be.  

camera for documenting all kinds of things such as during my Hobby Lobby shopping excursion, color swatches from ribbons, tablecloths and wedding dresses (for those who are curious, that swatch is not from my dress, it is not even close to what my dress looks like but the shop gave it to me anyway!), a measuring tape for measuring heel heights, estimating table size in a space, etc., shopping lists, a notebook for jotting down inspirations, prices, questions to ask, etc., an assortment of pens and markers (even in wedding colors, does anyone else do this?) and . . . 

a shoe?  

yup!  sure enough, last Saturday as I was out shopping with my mom and reached into my purse for something else, my hand came in contact with this shoe!  I had stuck it in the night before to have with me as we shopped for the shoes for me to wear on my wedding day.  These are the shoes that I had tried on with my dress when it was time to take the measurement for the hem so I need to match the heel height when I buy my wedding shoes.

Time for a smaller purse?  

Any suggestions for places to shop for great wedding shoes at great prices?  No, $100+ or worse, $1000+ shoes for this bride please!    


Deborah said...

No shock that Miss G is also Miss Prepared!!

I love that you took the picture and then explained each thing.


Karen said...

Yes, it was quite a shock when you pulled out a shoe. Smaller purse?? I think you could use a bigger one.

Amy L said...

Have you looked for shoes on The shipping is free both ways - I think I ordered 5 or 6 pairs to try on and sent them all back for no charge. I ended up finding the perfect satin pair at an Easy Spirit in NYC and had them dyed at a shoe repair place to match my dress - I don't know that they carry bridal shoes anymore, though. I think it took me longer to find shoes than it did to find my dress - good luck!

jennyc said...

Hey Kel -

You are too fun... I really like your purse! I don't think you should get rid of it at all! I think I found my shoes at DSW - in the "fancy" section. They were under $50 and just right!