Saturday, June 28, 2008


 I was up at 5 something this morning worrying, churning and stewing over wedding things, to do lists, life in general including all the major changes taking place EVEN though last night I read in Proverbs, ""Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  The LORD works out everything for his own ends -" (Proverbs 16:3-4).  Goodness!  When will I learn?  

Around 9:00 Adrian and I began a day out together.  We laughed and shared joy.
1.  we registered at one of our stores - CHECK!!!
2.  we shared a fantastic "post-birthday" brunch at one of our favorite breakfast places and that's in the same complex as the store we were at and we didn't even have to wait for a table which was wonderful since we were STARVING at that point!
3.  we began looking for "our first apartment" for me to move into when my lease is up at the end of next month and for him to move into after the wedding  - CHECK!!!
4. After a few good hours at it, God led us back to my present complex where we found better prices, shorter lease terms, etc.
5.  We found an apt. we want that will be ready at the end of my lease!!!  - CHECK!!!!!!!
6.  We have a place to live!  TWO bedrooms, TWO bathrooms, a GARAGE, a BIG laundry room, great space, a great neighbor who we know, a great view!!!!  - CHECK,CHECK, CHECK!!!
7.  THEN Adrian said it might be crazy but what if we just went ahead and went to the dept. store where we're registering.  So we did and got registered there! - CHECK!!!
8.  Then we're walking to the food court (all this excitement, activity and productivity requires re-fueling!) and Adrian noticed a Perry Ellis sale on our way out.
9.  We walk to the food court, get some yummy Sbarro's pizza, see my friend Shawn who no longer lives here but was in town for the weekend, eat a nice dinner while listening to a storm rage outside, and go back to the dept. store via a candy store where we got yummy goodies and sat eating them on a bench
10.  We walked back into the store where a very nice salesman helped us choose Adrian's SUIT, SHIRT AND TIE for the wedding!  We got the first suit and tie he even tried on!  We were both sure it would take agonizing, much shopping, driving around, etc., etc.  They look great! - CHECK, CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK!!!!!

So, does that sound like a fabulous day and one that I definitely shouldn't have worried about or what?  I praise God for His faithfulness to me despite my inadequacies.  He is So Good!!!   I pray that all of you reading this are seeing His grace in your life!  I'd love to hear how you are and hear from some of you who "lurk" out there!  :)  Kelly


Karen said...

I enjoyed hearing about your wonderful day last night and then getting to read about it this morning. Have another fantastic day!

Jenni said...

what a great, productive day!! I do love it when God shows us how we shouldn't be worrying! Is your neighbor that you know Sarah? Will you be in the same building or just near? I think it is great that you will be able to stay in roughly the same spot -- and I can't wait to see the new space!!

(Plus I don't have to learn a new way to come visit!!! :-) I thought of calling you last weekend when I was leaving after helping Sarah put together her new desk- but I knew you were out of town...)

Mod Girl said...

Have you seen my post today (Sunday)? The scripture is quite appropriate... God sees. Just like He saw (and knew) Hagar's needs (Gen. 16) and provided. He also knows and sees our needs and provides, often before we even think to ask. What a testimony to that truth your post is!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a productive day! That's awesome! Sometimes planning that wedding can be stressful so I'm glad you had a smooth day!

Sarah B said...

What an amazing day! I love checking off To-Do lists...probably more than I should! Glad to hear you're staying around the complex. Will be in touch soon to hear details.

Cary/Ashley said...

Wow! What a great day of getting things done!!:) Glad that wedding planning is going so well!

*Michelle said...

As another bloggin-bride-to-be, its refreshing to hear someone talk about God in their lives without it being preaching! It seems like among the wedding boards - its either preach or avoid the topic altogether, or show immense pride in having a secular ceremony (anyone else think thats a contradiction in terms?). I am adding your blog to my daily stalkings ;) and hope you might consider to drop by my blog and add your 2 cents (or fun commentary) from time to time. Blessed Bloggin!!