Monday, June 9, 2008

Hobby Lobby

I had a great time today!  I wandered into Hobby Lobby because I was right by one and there is no longer one all that close to my home.  I thought I'd just see what they had that might be in the wedding colors/work with the wedding decor.  

I normally do not venture into the floral section at crafts stores but being drawn in by the 50% off sign and the fact that my previously-a-florist friend, Jenny

strongly recommended silk blooms for some of the wedding flowers, I took a look.  

I found some neat flowers like this:  

that I liked and continued to gather stems until I had something like this:  

I then proceeded to a back aisle of hobby lobby to take photos to share with you all AND so I could have a record of what they had there and what the prices were:  

so I could come home and decide what I would need and how much.  That way I can go back and just get everything at once and know that I'm gonna use it.  

I like these too:  

I also picked up some glassware that might come into play somewhere but I'm not sure.  

Meredith and Jenny in particular, if you read this I'd really like your opinions! 

I like the ice cream ones for spoons at one of the serving stations perhaps.  We'll see.  

I documented the ribbon that might be later procured.

as well as the cool blue glass marbles that are the right color and these river rocks that could possibly come into play.  

Here's a pic of another ribbon with the tablecloth swatches I picked up at Ducky Bob's on Friday.  

And the price:  

All of this stuff is 50% off this week though so maybe I can come up with a decorating plan really soon and actually purchase this week or maybe I'll just pick it all up when these things rotate back through the 50% off loop.  I just love that Hobby Lobby has things on for 50% off EVERY WEEK.  I also would be so happy to support them with my business as they are closed on Sundays and are Christians.  

I left Hobby Lobby without even going through half the store but 

A) I thought it would be so much more fun even to go through with a friend and 

B) I was getting really hungry and needed some lunch!

So, if you're a local friend reading my blog and you'd be up for a trip to Hobby Lobby this week to look at wedding stuff, I'd love the company!  Let me know!  Kelly