Monday, June 30, 2008

A Blessing!

For my birthday last year, my friend Marcella gave me two jars like the one below and a bottle of the same color glass with flowers (dahlias I think, anyone know the name of those above?) for my birthday.  

After we picked out our venue and colors and I came home and saw one of these jars in my living room, I thought they might be nice to use at the wedding as vases for flowers.  Actually I think the vase part may have been my mom's idea (do you remember, Mom?).  Anyway, I was hoping to find a lot of them at the consignment store in Missouri that my friend Sally and I like to go to that has really good prices.  Unfortunately, instead of a box of 20 for $2.00 or something, the cheapest one I found was $2.50 and they went right on up to $18 or $20!!!  Yikes!  
Once again, though, God cares about the little things in my life.  We went to our friends Dave and Karen's house and when I showed one I'd bought to Karen, she said that she wished I hadn't bought them because she had a bunch in their barn!  Well, I had only bought five of the cheaper ones and I could definitely still use some more so her sweet husband went searching through the boxes in the barn and came up with 17, the exact number I needed to have one per table!  How cool is that?  


Jacquie said...

Your orange flowers are going to look so neat in those jars. What a find!

abc said...

Hey, Kelly. I happened upon your blog through Sandi's (I was initially enticed by your title.) I've really enjoyed hearing your wedding details and your style. It's such a joy to witness people who love the Lord find love in another. Your last posts were really inspiring. I adore the wedding colors and think pumpkins could be used with great flair. If you got the right pumpkins- last year my mom's BFF got her as a fun happy the most gorgeous assortment of cream, light orange, deep orange, bumpy, etc. pumpkins. I think it could be a fun addition, but not sure how- bunched up at the bottom of tables or...

Anyway, I'll stay tuned.

I wish you God's greatest blessings!- Ashley (Brady) Chandler

Miss G said...

Ashley, It's so good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your comment. Thanks for letting God speak through you into me. I'm feeling overwhelmed this morning with all there is to do and not knowing where to start and you're reminding me that not only is the love that God has given us what's important but things like pumpkins can be lots of fun. It's good to be "back in touch"! Kelly

Rebekka said...

Hi Kelly!
After this post and your last, I just had to say 'hi' and that God's timing and gifts are wonderful!!!
Have a great day,

Darla said...


I've been checking out your blog from time to time since I saw you at Brit's shower. I have loved loved loved "keeping up with you" through this page. My friend, you are so creative and talented. I'm excited for you--what an amazing time this is. Planning a wedding should be FUN, glad to see you are enjoying it! Keep up the good work! Blessings, Darla