Thursday, June 12, 2008

summer seashells

Meredith inspired me this morning to decorate for summer with sea inspired treasures.

In the bathroom: 

shells a gift from my third grade teacher many years ago

votives a gift from my mom

saucer found at a thrift/antiques store for a dollar or less

more bathroom shots artfully taken without catching me in my pjs with the camera in one of the mirrors! 

On another note, picked up this pie holder at a consignment store for a mere $4 yesterday and thought I'd add a little red, white and blue to the kitchen.  

What ways do you like to add summery touches to your home?  Kelly


jessica lynn said...

oh hi! thanks for your post on my blog this morning! my friend forwarded me some links for you:
check out and search for blue and then do a speerate search for orange to see what you can find. Also, I LOVE perhaps that will help you in your search!!

Mod Girl said...

Love the red, white, and blue "finds" that you got!!! Great stuff for $4.

As for decorating seasonally... I am so not good at that. I should try to do better... I admit that at times it seems that we're so intent of keeping things simple and clutter-free that I neglect showing the turn of seasons throughout my house.

Mod Girl said...

Oops, I misread (sometimes I read too fast for my own good)... you didn't mislead at all!