Thursday, June 26, 2008

working on the wedding

Here's my little vintage wedding couple!  Aren't they cute?  I actually bought this cake topper and gave it to a friend and she was sweet enough to lend it back to me for this wedding time!  

I have been getting my mind wrapped around some wedding things.  The top photo is of some scrapbook papers that Sweetie and I bought at one of my very favorite scrapbooking stores, Just 4 Fun in Pearland, TX

and some that I got today at Hobby Lobby.  It has been quite a while since I have even looked at their selection of scrapbook papers and let me tell you, my friends, I was very impressed!  AND they were on sale 50% off!  Yippee!  

This photo is of my happy couple once again with the bubbles that I found today to give to the kids at the wedding.  I love the idea of their being bubbles floating all around during the reception by our nephews and cousins.  I got them at Dollar Tree the best dollar store around in my mom's and my humble opinion for way less than they were even at Hobby Lobby!  Hooray for bargain shopping day.  

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Happy birthday!!!!