Friday, January 9, 2009

wedding project - how it turned out

remember these?  

wanna see how they turned out at the wedding?  

I loved how it looked!  So festive and welcoming!   Yea for skewers from Wal-mart and inexpensive ribbon from Dollar Tree, the $1 bin at Michael's, etc.  
My sweet brother and I got to share a few moments together on the morning of my wedding as we placed the skewers in the ground.  I cherish those moments from the day when I got to focus on one person at a time.  All of my family was so sweet to do so many things to make my day just what I wanted it to be.  


Mod Girl said...

Yes, festive indeed! A nice splash of color!

Rachel said...

Very cute! Glad they turned out the way you envisioned and you and your bro got some one on one!