Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Today is my grandmother's birthday!  

She is a wonderful lady!  We say she has a party in her purse.  She is always up for fun.  We have been to Disneyland together.  I can remember her bringing masks for us to put on.  We have been to have tea together and walk around a quaint little town ducking into shops.  She is a great cook and we always enjoy eating at their house.  I am so blessed by the grandmothers God has put in my life!  Kelly

*** when I called today to wish her a happy birthday (my second grade class was all prepped to sing "Happy Birthday") guess where she was off to celebrating her birthday?  Disneyland!  I love it!  


Sandy said...

oh, i wish i knew your grandma!

check in w/me when you are ready to chat, ok? (got the ? i sent?)

happy late NY!

Karen said...

You have been blessed with wonderful grandmothers! And they have been blessed with many wonderful granddaughters.