Sunday, January 4, 2009


I've pretty much dropped the ball on posting about the wedding.

It's hard to describe really. Sort of a mixture of beginning to feel pretty private about this significant event in our lives that carries such import and while a ceremony with many witnesses in attendance is also such a personal, intimate thing and sort of being ready to move on. I "lived wedding" for 6 1/2 months and really enjoyed it but when it was over it felt time to move on. In some ways it also just began to feel like a huge task to "recap" or "document" or just share about our wedding and decide which of the more than 700 amazing pictures that we have to put on the blog. So, all that to say, if you're still following my blog from another bride blog or are just interested in the wedding in general and have anything specific you'd like to hear about/see a pic of, please feel free to leave a comment. We'll see how it goes from there. Kelly

photo: this photo was taken by our amazing photographer who I would recommend to anyone, Rachel Debell

The photo is of one of our guest tables for the reception. Each one was different and I absolutely loved them! I went around my apt and in my storehouse of a garage and gathered lots and lots of things that fit the colors/look I was going for with the wedding. My dear, sweet, wonderful friends, Sarah, Rachel and Emily took action and produced lovely tables with a huge jumble of stuff all in a couple of hours! Thank you, girls!

The blue canning jars were mostly on loan from our friends Dave and Karen in Missouri. I had bought a few but they mostly tend to go for $8-$20 each and Karen mentioned that she had some in the barn! Dave went and dug some out for us and there were the exact number needed for the rest of our tables. Thank you, God for unexpected blessings. My friend Julie D., among others tied the seam binding "ribbon" on. I loved the colors! The milk glass is from my growing collection. The "Esther" handkerchief was a gift from my mom. I collect handkerchiefs with names embroidered on them, especially in red. I hope God will continue to mold in me some of the qualities of Esther in the Bible. What a noble and grace-filled woman. My sweet and wonderful Aunt Gail and Aunt Terry sewed the table runners and the pinecones came from a wonderful company, They were super to work with!


Mod Girl said...

I understand how you feel. Don't ever feel obligated to blog about more than you wish to share. The wedding was an event... you have the rest of your life ahead of you. While it is wonderful to remember and savor sweet times I think it's important to savor what you have right now... things like cardboard and trips with your husband! How WAS your Christmas trip?!

jessica lynn said...

i understand how you feel too! recapping was such a huge task! :) hopefully you will find time to share! :)