Sunday, January 18, 2009

new routine

We now have a grocery store within walking distance of where we live.  

I just packed a small backpack with several other reusable bags.  I hope to walk to the grocery store whenever I'm going that it is light outside.  Texas cities don't tend to be "walking places" as much as some other cities.  Walking to do my shopping is new to me.  Using reusable bags is new to me.  Any tips from any of you out there who have more experience than me?  


photo:  a table centerpiece at our wedding taken by my friend Jenni


Mod Girl said...

When we were newly married, living in Ohio, I enjoyed walking on many errands, including the grocery store and post office. As the weather warms you'll enjoy it immensely.

Lorilee said...

Just remember that your bags will get heavier as you walk!

Anonymous said...

i love reusable bags. i got some in Germany at a "PennyMarkt" supermarket for about 75 cents each. i also have 2 canvas bags from Hobby Lobby.

my tips for walking grocery trips are:
--when you're in the store, use the hand basket rather than a cart so you won't buy more than you can carry home (learned that one the hard way)
--bag anything 'unclean' (raw chicken, raw beef, cleaning chemicals, Raid, etc) in a plastic bag from the produce dept. to protect the reusable bag from icky stuff
i have a plain 100% cotton one that i only use for meats so i can bleach it after use.
--my bags are 100% cotton so i run them through the washer every now & then with some PineSol. if they get stretched out from canned goods, i dry them in the dryer.
--packing up: try to pack the weight evenly in the bags & backpack so gravity will pull on you evenly ;o]
i like to create a 'foundation' at the bottom of each bag with 4 or 6 firm items, then softer sided containers on those, ending on top with 'delicates' like bread, eggs, avocodoes, bananas.
--if your clerk packs things strangely, repack your stuff at the exit using a grocery cart as a packing place. i try not to do it in front of them, though...

i LOVE my reusable bags.
;o] Julie D.

Cary/Ashley said...

thanks for the Poe link!:)

Noah and I LOVE to walk to the Kroger that is only 1/2 mile away. THe stroller comes in handy for transporting our goods. :)

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

I have tons of reusable bags...the problem for me is always forgetting to bring them! :)

Rachel said...

We enjoyed walking to the store when we lived in Scotland. We would walk across the road to the town centre to do our shopping. Before Madison was born and we used the stroller like Ashley, we too had to remember that the bags do get heavier as you walk. I really enjoyed that time. To bad I would have to walk 4 miles one way to be able to do that today.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a Minyards at the end of my street in Dallas. I have a little cooler on wheels from an old job (Medical City)and I would roll it to and from the store. The trick was to not buy too much heavy stuff. I would put the cooler in the bottom of the shopping cart and put everything cold and/or heavy in it at checkout, hopefully only leaving one or two bags to carry home. My dad told me I looked like a German lady doing that, apparently they have little (or maybe they are big) shopping bags on wheels there. It looks like a little, insulated carry-on. I miss that Minyards. It went out of business I think in October. Something else has gone in in its place, but I haven't ventured over there yet. - Laura Mann