Thursday, January 8, 2009

catching up - Houston shower

In all the bustle of wedding preparations I never posted about my Houston shower and I absolutely must!  These women, most of whom I've known and have known me the majority of my life, went all out and made a very, very special and super fun day!  

They planned a picnic themed shower!  How fun is that?  Look at the quilt "picnic blanket" on the floor and the cooler for us to set our drinks on.  

All-Clad pans are something to get excited about for sure!  

My sweet mom gave us these cute little juice glasses with R on them from Anthropolgie!  

She also gave us the This Is San Francisco book since that is where we were going on our honeymoon.  I also bought a children's book while we were in Montreal last week.  I think it would be neat to have a collection of books for our kids from places we visited before we even had them.  

opening presents with my mom by my side

It was so much fun being surrounded by all of my extended family at this shower!  

Here's my Aunt Gail and my Sweetie

Look at this spread!  

the picnic basket with the daisies, fried chicken, watermelon filled with fruit, etc. were all such nice treats!  

pretty lemonade container and mini hotdogs

look at this ADORABLE cheese "ball" shaped like an ear of corn!!!  Complete with corn napkins, corn salt and pepper shakers and a corn brush.  Sooo cute!  

little ants and little hamburgers!  They were made from nilla wafers, york peppermint patties, green tinted coconut, sesame seeds, etc.  yummy and extra cute!  

me with all of my wonderful hostesses

What a blessing this was to us!  



Meredith@MerchantShips said...

a picnic theme shower! So cute, so smart!

What a great way to change a generic space with things you already have. I love the quilt and cooler!

jennyc said...

I absolutely love the little hamburgers and corn cheese ball. What a neat shower! Glad you posted it! Have a great day!