Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Travel Tuesdays - airports & traveling for LUV

photo: Rachel Wilks Photograhy

This is one of our engagement pictures.

When Rachel asked us where we wanted to shoot and suggested thinking of places that we had gone on dates, etc., I immediately thought of Love Field Airport. The first seven months of our relationship were spent long-distance so airports factored into our dating a lot!

Besides, the airport is called Love Field. How perfect is that?

So, what is your favorite airport & why?

I like small airports, easy to navigate. I like Houston Hobby and Dallas Love for that reason and because I've spent a lot of time in both. I like that Houston Hobby has a Pappasito's restaurant in it! I am a very loyal Southwest customer which is another reason I like Love Field or (LUV). I also like the Pittsburgh airport because it is just like a mall and there is a law that the prices can't be higher. Now that is great if you have a delayed flight!

I've also got to share this photo. This is a picture of me pointing to "our gate" in Chicago. The first time we met in person we went to Chicago where we both knew people who were our "safety nets" in the whole meeting someone in person you've never met except on the internet thing. :) On Sunday there was a huge snowstorm and our flight was delayed 4 hours but we didn't care because here we sat at B17 just glad for more time together when we didn't know for sure if/when we'd see each other again. Oh, such fun times!

So, here's this week's question in addition to "what's your favorite airport & why?" Have you ever traveled for love? Tell us the story in the comments or better yet leave us a link to a post on your blog about it. Have a good week. Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Okay, Kelly, that photo {at Love Field, no less} is fantastic! I love it, and such a neat setting for an engagement photo. Unique! I love how you put a twist on things.

My husband and I had a 2.5 year, long-distance "dating" relationship so we "travelled a good bit for love." {Dating in parenthesis because we did very little traditional dating. Most of our getting to know each other was via letter, phone, and email, spending personal time with each other at holidays... times when lots of family was around.}

Favorite airports... like you I prefer smaller. My hometown airport is nice and so is Greenville-Spartanburg. For larger airports,Atlanta can be great, or a curse, but I've generally had good experiences there.

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