Sunday, December 23, 2012

the Christmas tree

So we got our tree today.  

Yeah, on the 23rd. 

That's just the kind of Christmas it is this year at our house.

We couldn't very well get it before we left town for 10 days and let it become a fire hazard and then the flu, pink eye, sinus infections, etc. hit our house and so here we are.

I LOVE David's expression in this photo and I'm not really sure why he was looking at the tree like that but it is so funny to me that I just keep laughing.

That could also mean it is late and I NEED to go to bed too. 

Hope your day has gone well!  



Mindy S. said...

His face is pretty funny! :-) And you are looking very cute! You know once upon a time the kids went to bed on Christmas eve and when they woke up in the morning Santa had magically set up the tree. So, there is nothing wrong with waiting until the 23 to get your tree. :-) Glad you are all feeling better.

Julie P. said...

You do look beautiful in this picture! When my inlaws get a real tree they wait until really close to Christmas to get their tree.

Karen said...

Funny boy!

Kelly said...

I didn't realize you were expecting! Congrats! You look so cute!

BR said...

You look beautiful !!!!!!

Dina said...

Sorry you all have been sick! You look adorable!