Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what we've been up to today

Okay before we actually talk about today, we should talk about STOVES!

We went out of town after we had nine stoves and I wasn't getting my update e-mails about the new stoves.

It was SOO much fun to learn that we purchased THIRTEEN stoves!!!


That's a lot and it's greatness!!

So today was a nice day around here.

We did a bunch of stuff.

I say "we" because I definitely had a little helper.

I hung up my garlands from last year in my new house instead of my old apartment which was lots of fun.

We went to music class and when we were done giant snowflakes were swirling outside the big windows.

I made a pom pom garland inspired by this.

She used clear thread and I used bakers twine instead.

It was quite hard to thread into my needle and then the stringing of them was pretty hard too but I do think it's fun.

I had some good prayer time inspired by this.

(And she had really good news today by the way.)

David colored

I switched out my lamp for a more Valentine's-y feel.

inspired by hers

David played with his school bus and clapped along with the music.

I love how this photo captures that.

He played drums a lot (except at music class where he didn't want to touch them for some reason) and when I was out in my storage area

(which right now is a way bigger mess than that)

getting Valentine's decor, David found the pumpkin and wanted to bring it in.

We made a toy car run inspired by this.

I'd like to make her version sometime but I need to remember to save my paper towel tubes as I didn't want to cut this long one since it is it's own kind of fun.

Also, this is real life showing you the foam on top of the mattress with no sheets on the bed.

Sometimes beds are just like that, right?

I painted trim (and managed to take a picture of myself doing it since I was the only person at home of camera wielding age at the time).

So there you have it, a very busy day indeed but quite enjoyable.

And just because I couldn't resist, one photo from yesterday to leave you with . . .

I love that boy!



Jenni said...

WOW .... all that in ONE day?! busy indeed....

Mindy S. said...

There is no denying that the boy had red hair is there? So cute!

So, does he never eat the crayons? Katelyn just wants to eat the crayons--like bite off the tip, chew them up and I find them in her diaper 2 days later. So we aren't sharing the colors with her yet. :-)

Karen Gibson said...

What a fun day--and I LOVE that boy too!