Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have posted this picture before but I couldn't help posting it again because I like it so much.

Today is my Poppy's birthday but he is celebrating in Heaven now.

He has been such a huge influence in my life and I am excited to hear him say "Hey Lover!" to me when we are reunited in Heaven one day.



JSH said...

I love that picture! I got a little teary because that is what I say to Lyndle when I see her. I know how he felt when he said it to you. Pure love.

Anonymous said...

Feeling your bitter-sweet ache friend. You're missing yours, and I'm now missing mine. But, oh the reunions ahead. Just a temporary good-bye for now. Love you!

Deborah said...

Thank you, friend, for sharing this. Don't you know Papaw and Poppy are having some great time together!!

Karen said...

Love that picture. Love that man--love his sweet granddaughter.