Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Party this year

My mom, very sweetly, and very bravely in my opinion, offered to host an all day Valentine's Day party for her three grandsons last Tuesday.

It was a fun-filled day with lots of special touches.

Look at these adorable bags that each boy got with a little treat inside and to put all of their crafty projects of the day in to take home.

I also love the little cereal boxes wrapped in ribbon with red spoons attached. Ahh . . . breakfast at Nana's house.

My little Valentine with the cereal he chose. He is getting so big!

The boys were so excited to be together and to be at Nana's so they had a little impromptu dance party when we got there.

I love this picture of my Sweetie crafting with my son as she and I have done so many times through the years.

Mama's Valentine's lunch

Aren't the plates cute? My mom got them at Hobby Lobby. If you hurry they may still have some and on sale even! (Speaking of, has anyone found any great after Valentine's sales that I should hit up?)

Nana reading the boys a heart book

My sweet boy "icing" his own cupcake - love it!

happy chaos!

Thank you, Nana for such a special Valentine's party!



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Your sweet mama with her three boys all squished together on the sofa... what a sweet picture.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet time! Can't tell who was having more fun. :)

Karen said...

Nana was definitely having the most fun. :)