Wednesday, February 8, 2012

and today was a different day

Yesterday was a play day.

For the last several months I've been choosing a day a month to just do projects and look at ideas that I've saved and do something with them.

These days have quickly turned into some of my favorite days!

Jenni commented that I sure got a lot done in one day yesterday.

Well, one reason for that is because I let everything be sort of "on hold". I don't do laundry or do much beyond what is absolutely necessary to keep our home going and I use the day to play.

It is only one day a month after all.

Well today was no longer a play day and after being out of town then having company and also hosting a dinner party plus continuing to work on our basement remodel I had quite a few things that needed doing but I was having a hard time mustering up excitement or motivation to do them.

I decided that perhaps if I took photos and did a blogpost it might help.

And it did.

So today . . .

I got dressed including shoes, hair and make-up (thanks to all of my flywashing from Flylady over the years). I also put on the apron to help with my motivation as well and it worked too.

I put band aids on heads just because it's fun to have a sticky band aid on your forehead.

I enjoyed looking at all of these (and yes they're still up, are yours?)

I tackled this

and helped this little guy get set up with these and "new paper"

and used about a zillion of these for both he and I

put milk cups back in the fridge

(this is one of those things I find myself getting tired of doing but hello, is it really a big deal? no)

tackled this

and ended up with this

(and then I did also put them away as well as another load later as well, yea!)

lit a candle because that always makes things feel more orderly and nice

plus David can say "candle" now and it's really cute and he liked looking at it away across the table while he colored

picked up that same band aid off the floor

(thankfully it was clean!)

washed a really yucky high chair tray

(this was admittedly a staged shot after I was done)

emptied my dishwasher

so I could start in on all these

and I didn't get the dishes completely done but my dishwasher was full and running and the rest could be left for the next load in my opinion

(have I ever shown you my mini size dishwasher before?)

Then I started these guys soaking!


and lit another candle that was totally an impulse buy (the candle, not the holder) at the grocery store the other night because I walked by and it smelled so good!

But votives were only 25 cents so why not, right?

and when I went to get the baking soda for soaking the drip pans I enjoyed my organized baking drawer which I had done a few weeks ago but which is still making me happy

It was a good day even if not as "fun" as yesterday.

So what did you do today?



Lori said...

Not as much as you did! Love the apron.

Julie P. said...

We buy burner covers at Wal-Mart b/c I think getting those clean is impossible, and not one of those things I want to spend time on. Ours our square, but I bet they sell round ones too. Our X-mas cards came down quickly b/c I currently tape them to the cabinet, and if I leave the tape on for too long it is a mess. However, I have started a X-Mas scrapbook, so all the photo cards are in there. I think a play day is a great idea!

Jenni said...

I like the idea of a regular play day! :-)

Mindy S. said...

I guess a mini dishwasher is better than none at all. And I am so glad that you just leave the "leftover" dishes for the next load. ME TOO! I figure that is what the dishwasher is for and I don't mind a few dishes waiting for their turn.

And I love the idea of a "play day" for Mom. I think I may have to add that to my monthly schedule too.

mindy said...

I love that you documented a fun day and a more normal day. I need to steal your idea for cars in the wrapping paper tube. How fun! I made Carson a book with our Christmas cards when I took them down. He loves it!

Karen Gibson said...

Another fun day--in a different way. Love the apron. You should see the one that Aunt Terry made for Sweetie.

Dina said...

Candles and aprons always motivate me to clean and get stuff done too!