Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's party

I can't believe I never blogged about this!

When I was teaching, Valentine's was my very favorite day of school.

The kids were so happy and excited, I had a fun low-key game that I played with them every year just on that day and there were sweet notes from the kids, not to mention a whole building full of sugar.

Last year since I wasn't teaching I wanted to do something fun on Valentine's Day so we had a little party at our house with a few of our friends.

There were treats for the babies

and sugar for the mamas

My sweet friend Erin bought this shirt before we knew if David was a boy or a girl and sent it to me the Valentine's before saying if the baby was a girl she could wear it with a cute denim skirt.

It was really fun to pull it out and put David in it a whole year later!

I love this picture of all of the kids listening to the book.

Here are all the kiddos!

One of my sweet Valentine's.

His Daddy's my other.

I just love this photo!

Mama and daughter

This little sweetheart is a one year old now!

We had a great time and are so happy we got to spend that day with our sweet friends!

We miss you guys so much!!



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh fun, fun! I LOVE the very last photo... tells a great story.

Mindy S. said...

What sweet fun memories! I pray that you are finding new friends in your new home that you can make similar memories with. I love that last picture. The surest sign of children in the home is the toys scattered across the floor. :-)

Kelly said...

How adorable!!! Happy Vday to you:)

Manish Kumar said...
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Holly said...

Your Valentine party looked ADORABLE! :) Holly @ Pink Lady

Megan Barley said...

what a fun idea to make valentines special for kiddos!