Thursday, March 19, 2009

me and my Poppy

Grandpas are very special people.

My Poppy used to take me jogging with him when I was two.

He has built things out of wood for us to paint and craft, to play with as toys, etc.

He is known for clapping his hands together and saying, "hey!" in greeting.

He is a man of God.

He studies the Word and has led his family in God's truths.

I love to hear him pray as we stand around in a circle at the beginning of a big family meal. Sometimes he asks one of the younger men to pray too. He is leading the next generation and the next.

He is a very kind person. He watches out for new people and visitors at church to make sure they feel welcome and become included. He helps out to provide for people who don't have a lot of material blessings.

He has integrity in all that he does.

He loves my grandma! He loves his kids. He loves his grandkids and his great-grandkids and every new spouse as they come along.

I love you, Poppy! Kelly


Cary/Ashley said...

What a beautiful picture and a beautiful tribute to your Poppy!

Mod Girl said...

So honoring and beautiful. Cherish every moment with your extra-special Poppy.