Sunday, March 22, 2009

little boy

Little Boys are Treasures

author: unknown

Little boys are treasures
Who are worth their weight in gold.
And charm everyone around them
From the time they're minutes old.

They're Mommy's little darling,
They're a special pal to Dad,
And the bring the very happiest days
A family's ever had.

photo: my nephew


Karen said...

And little girls aren't bad either. I had a precious boy child and girl child so I know.

Mod Girl said...

What a SWEET poem! I sure love my 2 little guys.

Anonymous said...

Nephew are so special! I'm totally enjoying both of mine --the little one is almost 2 and is in that stage where they're putting words together. so fun.
the big one is almost 15 and now plays tuba in his HS marching band. we love sharing great 80's movies together -- Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller, etc.
Julie D.

Deborah said...

I love this poem!! Betcha can't guess why?!

Amy said...

hey, this is amy from books for bread. i posted a pic of the framed letters on my facebook profile:
Hope your able to view it and thanks for visiting my blog!

Mandy Gibson said...

I love that little hand!