Thursday, March 26, 2009

economic emporiums

photo: a cool mosaic E on a Mexican restaurant in New York City taken by my friend Jenni
(I cropped just the E though so her photo was much clearer, just to give her credit.)

This is going to be fun . . .

Walking in the door from school I was thinking about how I needed to add packing tape to my shopping list. I was wondering where I'd get the best deal on packing tape. hmmm . . . I've seen it at Dollar Tree. Is that where I'll go? I'm not sure.

photo: Bloomies on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, definitely NOT an economic emporium!
taken on our trip last May

There are so many things that factor into where I shop,
distance = time it takes out of my day
distance = gas $
price of items at that store
store environment
if it's close to other places I'm likely to go

photo: being silly while registering last summer for our wedding

But here's what I think would be fun . . .

Let's compile a list of economic emporiums.

Where do you go to find things at good prices?

I'll start . . .

Big Lots
Dollar Tree
Thrift Shops

That's just four, I'd like to know your thoughts and if you care to embellish on your economic emporium comment (can you tell I'm getting into this alluring alliteration?), you can say what types of things you like to get at that place, when certain places have good sales in your opinion, the cheapest place for _____, etc.

I would love to know your thoughts and compile a list of places I may or may not think of when deciding where to go to fulfill my growing shopping list.

These can be places that sell any sort of merchandise, not just places that are more of a "general store" mentality.

photo: Daffy's in NYC taken by my friend Jenny
(The two Jenni/ys and I went to NYC together a few summers ago.)
can you see the tagline on the sign? Clothing Bargains for Millionaires!

Okay! I'm excited to hear your comments. :)
Hope you're having a good day!


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh. This week I have been shopping for the girls' summer wardrobe. My favorite place to shop for bargains for the girls' is at Gymboree. Now, I know that isn't the cheapest place to shop for clothes, but they do mark stuff down frequently and I rarely pay full price for something there. I love getting bargains there. And often when I am shopping there I think of you. Remember the summer that you worked there? I have often wondered if when you have small children if you would ever shop there yourself--or are the memories still so bad that I am betraying your friendship by shopping there? Anyway, when I read your post I had to laugh because I do often think of you when I am shopping at Gymboree. :-)

Mindy S.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week, and leaving your "wall link"!

You do have a fun blog! Thanks for sharing!!

Deborah said...

I am such a coupon/sale/clearance freak, that I don't go anywhere UNLESS it's a bargain! Believe it or not, using coupons and store deals, I get many items for free at Walgreens and Kroger. I use a website called "". It took a little time to navigate through the website and figure out how to play the game, but now it's a cinch.

Also, I buy most of my kids clothes at the end of each season for the following year. My favorite place to buy is the Children's Place Outlet. I rarely pay more than five dollars for any article of clothing.

Wow, I had a lot to say. Maybe it's all this "quality time" with a newborn that I've been having lately!!

Cary/Ashley said...

My Fav Cheap Shops:

1. Ross- Actually got pink baby ballet shoes (3.50) for Kelly's new baby and a mirror for the bathroom $20

2. Goodwill- it's definitely hit or miss, but i love going with my mother-in-law when she gets things for 50% with her senior discount.

3. Dollar Tree- LOVE that place!

Miss G said...

Mindy, of course we can still be friends even if you shop at Gymboree! :) They do have good sales. :)

Deborah, let's talk couponing when we talk on the phone next. I'm learning and want to be one of those people who can get things for free.

Ashley, Amen to Dollar Tree. Going to thrift stores with my mother-in-law is fun too and my mom and I had a fun Ross shopping spree last week that I should post about! Kelly

Karen said...

OK, this is an up-end bargain place, but I LOVE Steinmart. In fact, we had to investigate whether there was a Steinmart close before we decided to move.
PS You can also find some good clothes at WalMart. Don't tell anyone.

Jacquie said...

I like to look for clothes, shoes and toys for Lynlee at Once Upon a Child. Most of the stuff is barely worn or still has tags on it. And they only wear the clothes for 6 months max anyway! You can also get furniture as well! I know that's not helpful to you now but you can keep it in mind when you decided to have a little Rollett :)!

Mod Girl said...

I love the clearance end caps and clearance racks at Target... I often find super-cheap items on them. Also, love our local thrift store, Big Lots, and the fabric remnant bins at Hobby Lobby. Tuesday Morning is worth getting excited about too!