Friday, March 6, 2009

a springy table

Last week we had a couple of friends over to help celebrate their birthdays! We had a great evening with Jenni and Sarah. Comfortable friendships are so . . . comforting!
It was fun to set a springy table! I enjoyed flipping through my Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn catalogs this week (Urban Outfitters, not at all! It was so dark and . . . ugly). Anyway, I do enjoy seeing all of the seasonal items in catalogs like these, but let's face it, they're whole purpose is to sell us a new set of dishes and accessories four times a year!

I used our white staccato place settings from Crate and Barrel that were wedding gifts. I used my anthropologie latte bowls that I collect usually one or two at a time on trips there. The "placemats" were used to adorn tables at our wedding and were handsewn by my wonderful aunts. The yellow gingham napkins were a wedding gift to my mom I believe. Somewhere along the line I inherited them and enjoy them muchly.

The bird placecard holders were thoughtfully bestowed on me by my sister-in-law's mom. I need to think of a good term for your in-laws in-laws who are very dear people, travel to your wedding and practically consider you their own as well!

The salad "bowl" is actually this really neat ceramic colander with a matching plate that was a wedding gift from Adrian's Aunt Penny who came over all the way from England for our wedding!

The bread basket was a gift from birthday girl Jenni several years ago filled with baby bundts of her famous chunky monkey bread & lined with yet another table square from our wedding. And finally, the butter dish is one of our creme brulee dishes! hee hee! How fun is that!


Jenni said...

it was so fun! I can't rememeber giving you that bread glad you can! :-)

Mod Girl said...

What a delightful table! I'm sure the birthday girls felt loved and special by all of your thoughtful little touches.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful table. I recognized the placemats instantly. What a great way to reuse all of those table runners. And those colors can't help but put me in a spring mood. :-)

As far as a term for your in-law's family--Kim Ireland and I call each other sister's-in-law once removed. It doesn't explain the relationship to other people, but it gives us a way to call each other sister.
Have a great Spring day.
Mindy S.

Cary/Ashley said...

I still remember you hosting an "Easter potluck" back in our Harding days! Wasn't it held in Patti Cobb! Anyways, the beautiful springy table reminded me of that special day! Your creativity started early!:)

Julie said...

Hey sweet Kelly,
Thank you for your words at my blog... Thank you for your love and prayers. They mean so much to me during this difficult time.

You have blessed me!

Hugs sent your way!

PS. Loved the table setting...