Saturday, March 28, 2009

screamin' deals

Thanks for all of your comments on economic emporiums.
I would love to hear anyone else chime in on that as well.

Well, since we're talking about getting deals. I thought I'd tell you about the "screamin' deals" Adrian and I got on Friday. Apparently an old co-worker and friend of his was fond of the phrase "screamin' deals" so we adopted it as our theme for the week. :)

Friday night we went to dinner here:

For you locals, they have a location in Quorum Circle and a couple others in Dallas I think.
I had seen it way back before Christmas and thought it would be fun to try out. We drove by again in February but we were on the hunt for breakfast burritos, not salads. :)

Well last night we went. Adrian has discovered that at you can get gift certificates for different restaurants for way under value. A few weeks ago we went to a really great Italian place on a $25 gift certificate that we bought for $2. You do have to "spend" $35 but $25 of that is already covered by the $2 you spent online. Make sense?

Anyway, last night we had an amazing dinner at Greenz ($35 gets you a long way there!) for MUCH less than we would have going just any ole place on a Friday night. We had brie cheese with strawberry dipping sauce, chipotle pinwheels, a salad served in a pretzel bowl with steak and roasted nuts, etc. and a goat cheese and pear salad with strawberries and an apple-honey-chamomile dressing. AND an asparagus soup and a lemon square! I think that's it. Wow, was it all yummy!

Then we went to . . .

Bed Bath and Beyond. We got the rest of our towels from our registry, one of our saucepans, a place setting of china, a creme brulee torch (!), linen napkins, some drawer organizers and several other things. They were the GREATEST!!! I didn't really think I wanted to register there when we started the process of registering for our wedding (not really sure why not) and I am SOOO glad we did. Bed Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel have been the BEST.

We got taken care of very well. We had been stockpiling coupons, friends brought us theirs that they didn't plan to use, etc. We had the 20% off and the $5 off $20s and on $10 off $30 and the EXTREMELY nice and helpful lady matched up coupons to items to maximize our savings!!! She did not have to do that at all and she did. We left there VERY happy campers. Overall, we had nearly $200 in savings there from all of those coupons and some clearance items.

To celebrate we went to Paciugos!

They are a wonderful gelateria here in Dallas.

We had them cater our wedding. It was so much fun! They left a big stack of buy one item, get one free coupons at the wedding. It was so nice.

So, we didn't pay full price for anything all night and had a wonderful evening out together!

Now is that a screamin' deal or what?

Have you gotten any "screamin' deals" this week? Kelly


Cassie said...

Hi, Kelly! I'm glad you stopped by the ol' blog. I just finished a whole series on photography so if you want to click on my photography label on the left sidebar, it will take you to all of the posts. From there, look at the second one down and it has the whole lesson on how to get the pictures big in Blogger. If you have any questions, let me know! I'd love to help.

Cassie said...

Me, again:) You have to upload the pictures to a sight that can give you HTML code. In other words, they host the picture and you're just linking the picture from there. I don't know of another way. If you find one, let me know...that would save a lot of time!

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