Friday, March 13, 2009

two little touches

It's spring break and even though it's nearly freezing and pouring down rain outside,
I am feeling that spring cleaning/nesting bug.

The above photo is of a display in our entry hall that has been a work in progress
over a span of the last month or so. It keeps evolving and I really like it.

yep, that's an old folding ruler (I am married to a carpenter afterall) tied with black lace and a neat photo frame that I won as part of a bunko prize once upon a time. It holds one of our engagement photos. The sheet music is an old hymn rolled and tied with estate sale ribbon trim and then simply thumb-tacked to the wall inside the paper roll.

The music crown is from our Christmas crackers
at Adrian's parents house. A wonderful British tradition!
Here is one of my "two little touches" that I just did.
Why have a plain old alarm when you can have a little ledge for decorating?

"Vietato fumare" means "no smoking" in Italian
I bought it way back in 1997 at a little, dusty shop behind the Duomo in Firenze.
The spool of pink thread came from a shop in Fredericksburg, TX.
Here's the second little touch. I really like that little rag ball with the word "love" pinned on hanging off this photo from our wedding.

Is this your spring break?

What will you do?

Have a happy one!



Rachel said...

How fun! You have done a good job!

Our Spring Break is this coming week and we are going to Branson and Searcy!

Karen said...

Yes, it is my Spring Break and I am going to see my precious daughter and her wonderful husband.

Mod Girl said...

Nice touches, Kelly. I didn't know that your man is a carpenter... do I see amazing handcrafted furniture in your future?

It is our Spring Break too. I'm soooo happy. We'll just enjoy being at home and being still, well, as still as two little boys will allow.

Entertain Exchange said...

Nice touches...I love finding a purpose for old little things. Thanks for stopping by my blog.