Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Cowboy

A couple of weekends ago my sweet husband was out of town for work so I headed to be with my parents and brother, sis-in-law and nephew for just a fun hanging out sort of weekend. We took this little cowboy to the livestock show and it was so much fun.

Howdy pardner!

Such a cutie!

the boy doesn't get enough attention! :)
boys and dinosuars! Is there anything better?

listening to grandpa or "Dukka" as he calls him

oink, oink!
blowing a kiss to Aunt Kelly!
bye bye!


Mod Girl said...

Okay, the blowing-a-kiss shot is priceless and beautiful! LOVE it!!!! What a fun, fun day.

Karen said...

I'm go glad you got to share the cowboys first trip to the livestock show. Fun times...and I LOVED the camping post. I like the way you make your own fun. See you in less than 24 hours.