Friday, September 23, 2011

a very fun part of the house

I realize I haven't shown you just a whole lot of our new {first!} house.

Getting settled into a *house* with a *toddler* just seems like a bigger undertaking than it seems it should.

Oh well, it will all come in time, the decorating, photo taking, blogging . . .

But for now, I would love to share this fun part of our house.

It is my little storage area or "prop room" as I like to call it.

The house originally had a one car garage and then at some point they built on a two car garage and simply closed in the old one car.

It is a perfect spot for storing and *getting to* all my "treasures"!

What is one of your favorite parts of your house/apartment?


oh and just for fun, I found this pic of what it looked like before we moved in

p.s. we have the most amazing realtor who found this house for us

If you are looking for a realtor in the Houston or Colorado Springs areas, e-mail me and I can get you more info


Lori said...

Very lucky you, I want one of those!

Zach and Alyson said...

How awesome is that. I wish that I had a room like that, oh wait it is my garage, I just can't get to it because there is soo much stuff! And by the way, I really love how everything is in its color group. Reminds me of Charming Charlie's. Hope that all is going well!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love that you organized by color! That's so great!

Karen said...

The new "you" look is so much better than the old look.

Mindy S. said...

I love it! You know I always wondered where on earth you always stored all of your little treasures when you weren't using them in your little bitty apartment. Wherever you stored them it looks like you now have your dream set up for keeping all of your decorating stuff.So much fun.

Kori said...

Color coded sorting I am in LOVE! :-) I think I need a full house to store things properly. Between sewing, smocking, learning quilting, teaching Hannah to sew, homeschooling, preschooler, toddler, regular toys, books, books, books, etc. Oh and cooking, baking, cake decorating. Just not enough shelves in my life! Love it. So thrilled you have that room!

And such a handy realtor too. :-)