Friday, September 30, 2011

you win some, you lose some

Last Friday morning David and I went to an estate sale and a couple of garage sales.

I saw these wooden magnetic alphabet letters for $1 at one sale.

I thought they would be fun for David and so I asked the lady if all of the letters were there. She said that they were and that actually there were even extra letters because it was the Danish alphabet.

I got home and began sticking them on the fridge for David and trying to spell out his name.

"um . . . can't find an i."

"Sure enough, all of the letters are out of the cute little wooden box with the acrylic slide lid."

"hmm . . . I guess the Danish alphabet doesn't have the letter i."



She was really nice and I really do think she acted in good faith and believed all the letters to be included but I guess I should have checked for myself.

Oh well, some bargains are better than others.

Do you have any funny similar stories?



Lori said...

Just add the vowels from a colorful plastic one. He may begin to learn his vowels a bit sooner. You never know.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Too funny! All the same, I think you scored a fantastic find, the letters are beautiful... so much classier and understated than the typical bright, plastic ones.