Friday, March 11, 2011

ten on ten - March 2011 the reverse of last month

You may remember that on the tenth of last month I was traveling back from Houston to home.

Well, this month it just so happens that on the tenth I traveled from home to Houston!

(For some reason blogger is making all of my text underlined and on the road I'm tired of trying to fix it so underlines it is. Also, when you get a great nap in the afternoon and a massage you miss some hours for ten on ten so I used extra photos from the morning that I liked.)

My favorite "taxi driver" ever

Thankful for the HOV lane

one of my very favorite airports

ready to go

obey the rules

happy to see Nana!
happy to see Sweetie!


welcome back, Mama & Sweetie!


Jenni said...

great photos Kelly! enjoy the wedding festivities this weekend!

Dani said...

Adore the first pic.

Great ten!

Leah said...

Very nice pictures. I love the story they tell.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a fun set. I think my favorite is the photo of Little Man and Sweetie... precious!

Sarah B said...

So glad he's a good traveler - but then again, he does belong to you and Adrian :) Great pics!

AshleyAnn said...

Every mom needs a massage after a plane ride with little ones! Fun set of pictures... :)