Saturday, March 10, 2012

ten on ten - March 2012

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Experiencing and capturing the beauty of our days.

Here's ours {in more than 10 pics}

We took a day trip to Denver as a family.

For the first time since we moved here we went just to explore and just have fun instead of making a run to Ikea and back.

Watching the coal train as we drive along is a big hit with the wee one!

new phone cover I can change the design of - gift from my sweet husband for Christmas

a favorite book of the little mister right now - good since we'll be out planting our garden soon(ish - we are in Colorado after all)

a little mall walking and window shopping all by myself while the guys bought a camera lens off craigslist

too many choices for Mama obviously

{photo by Adrian trying out his new lens}

too many choices for David too - or at least a super fun playground for a little guy

{photo by Adrian}

visiting dear friends

and the most important part to the boys, I think, playing with TOYS!

{photo by Adrian}

so good to meet this wee one and see her mama!

{photo by Adrian}

always inspired by her decor and glad to see a pensive kitty

a small boy collects sticks

{and a mama thinks that leaving a boy with a stick unattended in the backseat while the parents are in the front seat is a bad idea}

a stop to stretch our legs and eat some take-out from Curtis Park Creamery

We have no idea why a Mexican food joint is called a creamery but went based on a recommendation from this blog

We had yummy, cheesy {Mom & Dad, not David of course}, spicy Mexican food in a park. A first for us all!

love this shot Adrian got!

I like passing this exit on the drive

self portrait at a stop on the way home to check out a little church tucked away off the side of the road

Hope you had a great day today!

Is it warm where you are?

Did you take any photos today?


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Angel said...

Great 10 on 10.
Looks like a fun Saturday!
I agree, no sticks in the backseat but collect as many as you want while I'm watching!
Lunch in the park sounds wonderful.

Ashley said...

Happy Canyon always made me smile too!

Jenni said...

sounds like a great day!

Nicole said...

Looks like a great day! I miss that landscape behind the train! I'll have to try this 10 on 10 next month!

Megan Barley said...

how fun! thanks for linking to my blog! i hope you liked the Creamery! i think it actually used to be an ice cream shoppe back in the day and i guess it was a Denver staple so when it became a mexican restaurant i guess they just kept the name. we live in Curtis Park and just love our neighborhood! Curtis Park isn't exactly a "wash park" or a "city park" but it is a great park nonetheless. where are you living in Colorado?? and i love that you are starting a garden soon-that is a dream of mine!!