Friday, March 9, 2012

sensory bins

Do you do sensory bins?

I really like the idea of them and David has had a lot of fun playing in them when I've done them but we haven't yet quite figured out the mess factor.

I don't know if he's not quite old enough or I haven't explained boundaries well enough or if it's as mess free as it's gonna get.

Any thoughts?


p.s. I can take no credit for the pretty colored rice. My mom made it and it was leftover from a project she did at the Valentine's Party.


Kori said...

I think it's just a mess. Why I never did them. Think they're really cool but can't do it because I would expect it not to be a mess and it would end up a negative experience! :-) Maybe try a shower curtain or vinyl tablecloth on the floor with the tub in the middle - and hope the contents stay within the big mat? Have fun!

Gina said...

I've tried them. Jacob does pretty well now that he's 2+ He understands "mess" and doesn't like to make them. At 16 months, Bailey is still too little. Everything eventually just ends up in her mouth. And I usually use much larger makes mess cleanup so much easier.

Anonymous said...

As mess-free as it's gonna get! :) Just put it on a hard floor, give him a few in, Sweetheart this rice is not to be thrown across the room...and do a 2-minute sweep-up after he's done. If it's anything like with my kiddos, their fun times...30, 45 minutes...are totally worth the two minute clean-up!