Wednesday, March 28, 2012

iced tea with lemons season

It's starting to be iced tea with lemon season again!

Well, actually that season never really ends for us here, even in the winter we drink it but it's starting to *feel* like iced tea with lemon season again!


Do you drink iced tea?

With or without lemon?

Sweet tea or sweeten yourself or straight?


photo taken at our old apartment


Jenni said...

only occasionally do I drink iced tea....not flavored and no lemon. but yes, of course it must be sweet tea - I'm perfectly happy to sweeten with artificial sweeteners, but do enjoy true sweet tea as a special treat

Zach and Alyson said...

This post hit home for me... I'm an iced tea addict. Unsweetened with one splenda. Yum-o! And it's iced tea all year for me as well! It's funny because since my pregnancy I can judge most places by their iced tea because I drank that instead of soda. ;-) My favorite is definitely Chick-fil-a.

Sarah B said...

I do love sweet tea! I remember making it in the sun growing up and then the sugar melts well :) It doesn't dissolve well in iced tea, so I usually use a sweetener packet instead (blue, pink or yellow!) Not a lemon fan, though.

Thanks for the distraction - I needed it this morning :) Wish I could sit and sip a drink with you!

Karen said...

I love, love, love iced tea. Raspberry flavored and blueberry flavored are currently my favorites. I sweeten with sweet and low and lots of lemon. I especially like California lemons straight from Grandmother and Grandaddy's tree.