Tuesday, March 27, 2012

up, up, up

the view going up Pikes Peak on the cog railway July '10
photo by Adrian


I realize I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately and I miss it.

I am going to copy a blogpost idea I saw on my friend Meredith's blog.

Current Books: just finished reading The Rainbow Years that I spotted at our library while looking for books about Oregon for an upcoming trip. Also perusing The Penny Whistle Birthday Party Book since a certain little guy has a birthday coming up.

Current playlist: I checked Frances England's cd "Mind of My Own" out from the children's cd section of the library and have been listening to it nearly non-stop. It was great painting music while I painted an accent wall in our living/dining rooms that had been chocolate brown and while I painted the kitchen.

Current color: hmm . . . I guess the robin's egg blue that I painted but which looks kind of green in certain light too

Current drink: water, water and water - I drink it all the time.
Oh and Adrian did make a pitcher of POG today. We like to get the frozen concentrate version from time to time. It reminds us of our Hawaii trip. (POG = Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava juice)

Current Food: Adrian made some amazing sliders for dinner! Ground beef mixed with chorizo, onions and green chile slow cooked until they caramelized and toasted wheat dinner roll buns, oh and swiss cheese.

Current favorite favorite: Spring!!! David and I spent last week visiting family in Houston and got to enjoy a Texas spring complete with rain showers and bluebonnets (and mosquitos - not my favorite!) and spring in Colorado is treating us with only sunshine and no surprise snows so far so I am enjoying it but fully anticipating more snow and so will not be disappointed.

Current wish list: clothes that I feel like are cute and fit well, my closet and I are not friends at the moment

Current needs: really re-thinking my "needs" after checking out the website that I mention at the bottom

Current Triumph: Remember the water campaign from last Thursday???

That is exciting!! The day for the funds to be matched has come and gone and the full amount that would be matched was raised. The campaign is still going on and you can donate here if you are interested in helping to train a well mechanic who can keep clean water flowing for thousands of people!

Current annoyance: acne - I mean really, I'm 35, but in the grand scheme, I'm keenly aware of how much I'm blessed

Current indulgence: lots of computer time today

Current mood: reflective

Current blessing: A husband who cares for me and our family and the sweetest baby boy on the planet

Current outfit: hole-y jeans that I put on to work in the yard and plant five new dahlia bulbs, black button down shirt with pink and white lace embellishments that I wore to church

Current excitement: a low-key week at home and a weather forecast that looks like we'll get to spend lots of time outside

Current link: I am straight up copying this link from Meredith. I saw it on her currents post and checked it out and can't stop thinking about it. SlaveryFootprint is very well done visually and design wise but the real thing is that it has opened my eyes. Even though I thought I knew a fair amount about modern day slavery, I realize I have a lot to learn. Being aware is the very first step and I pray that God shows me how to take more and more. Slavery is *wrong*.


Karen said...

Thanks for your transparency in this post.

gail said...

I've always wanted to do the Cog Railroad - maybe this summer!