Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year in Review - February 2014

February was definitely a month of trying to get used to the cast.  

There were especially trying times and moments that felt positively victorious!  

Like finding an outfit that could actually work with the cast. 

and getting a call from the hospital after being at home for an entire week because the only thing they had for her to be able to ride in the car was this "skydiving" strap looking apparatus that they had a carseat come available for us to use!  

I hosted an If:Local Gathering in my home and it was SUCH a blessing is so, so many ways!  So thankful for the ladies that made time and space in their lives to join me for that weekend!

mug topper cookies thanks to a cookie cutter sent by a friend!

reading on the couch, our favorite place

so proud of this sweet girl and how she adjusted!

beautiful dress sent from the Marshall Islands!  

thankful that she could actually fit in Costco shopping carts

I worked hard to keep her cast clean and covered during mealtimes.  My mom made an adorable apron out of a vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet for her and our friend made this wonderful apron with the pom pom fringe which was a big hit! 

the "theory of loose parts" is alive and well in our backyard and I am so glad!

peeking in a window at the playground - hooray for learning how to venture out more and more

these two!  He is an awfully good big brother!  

implementing a pinterest idea and feeling like mother of the year

painting with pudding

this girl is so loved and received lots of wonderful mail 
God used so many people to take such good care of us!!!

We were blessed with many meals which is a big time love language for us!  

this sweet boy, growing up yet still little

playing with her dolls and learning how to play in a cast

eating in the spica chair we were so generously given!!! serious life saver!!!

celebrating and documenting growing hair and that curl!!! 

Nana measuring Cora in the cast because Aunt Gail (remember that gorgeous nursery quilt?) was willing to figure out how to make custom bloomers!  

Valentine's pancakes LATE morning after spending four hours cleaning up a diaper blow out in the cast  ugghh BUT we survived and live to tell the tale of God's faithfulness even in the most trying of times!  

Grandma bought some outfits for Cora too!!  Thank you, Grandma!! 

tortilla snowflakes, another pinterest project

pudding painting again!  

happy girl through it all!  

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