Saturday, January 10, 2015

Year in Review - June

Yay Summer!!!  

antique shopping at a fair in Denver with my mom and Aunt Gail

David walking on the balance beam at My Gym - one of our favorite places!  

I always said I wouldn't "homeschool" preschool (I also said I would never homeschool and I am beginning to homeschool David for Kindergarten next year but that is a whole 'nother post!) but it just keeps creeping in at times.  It's like we can't help ourselves.  We like to learn over here.  

Another antique fair and snuggles with Aunt Mandy

a little chalkboard decor

messy mouths!

this girl loves trains right along with her brother!

playing in the water at Nana and Ducca's!

my boy is growing up, here I was thinking he wasn't big enough/tall enough to open dresser drawers all on his own but Nana found this one at a garage sale and here he is trying it out before Mama gave it a make over for his room!

riding the penny pony at King Soopers

watermelon radish 

Adrian took me to dinner for my birthday at one of my favorite places here and we had a lovely dinner almost as if it was a private dinner as we were the only ones sitting out on the back patio for quite a while AND our waitress forgot which desserts we ordered so she just brought us all three of their desserts for the night!  How fun is that?!

This little girl LOVES to help with laundry.  She loves it so much that she will actually get offended and fuss when she sees me doing it without her!  

Lots of messy eating going on!  

Lunchtime picnics outside!

David found this set of silicone flowerpot cupcake holders and asked if we could make cupcakes so we did!  

And remember this girl who did NOT like birthday cake??!!  Well a few months can make quite a difference apparently. 

We had some pretty wild concoctions!  

And then we had friends come to visit and I had helpers in the kitchen every night!  They were so cute wanting to cook everything and be right in there with me.  We had a lot of fun.  

My sweet little man.  

Up next . . . 



Mindy S. said...

Fun, fun! You will have to send me that picture of the girls in the kitchen with you. I didn't get one like that!

Kim said...

Cora doesn't seem to have many clothes - maybe I should remedy that :-)

Kori said...

Too funny - I thought "That girl looks just like Emily, I wonder who those friends are?" Then, "That looks like Amy - wait, I know those girls!" :-)