Friday, January 16, 2015

Year in Review - Seattle

On the way home from Alaska we flew through Seattle and stopped to visit some wonderful friends there!  We were so blessed by their hospitality.  

David pretending to be an electric train with an arm that reaches up to the wire

a twilit hike

And a certain young mister getting to stay up WAY past his bedtime eating rice pudding with the adults and playing with dominos.  

The next day we took David to a toy sailboat pond

shoving off! 

and nearby there was a fountain that the kids ADORED playing in!  

We ate lunch at Lunchbox Laboratory

and picnicked for dinner with wonderful Rainier cherries (when in Washington . . . ) and treats from Trader Joes 

then the kids got to play at a truly beautiful playground! 

Cora snacking quite happily in her very own seat on the train on the way to our next stop . . . Portland!!!

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