Monday, January 19, 2015

Year in Review - Portland

So, on our way home from Alaska, on our way home from Seattle, we went to Portland.  :) 

We LOVE Portland and the surrounding area!!  Sooo much!!! 

The first time Adrian and I went was just the two of us, our only kid free vacation since having kids.  It was A-mazing!!!

Living in a really brown, dry place I LOVE soaking up all of the green while we're there!  Now granted, we've had gorgeous weather on both of our trips and I know in order to have all of that green you've got to have a lot of rainy days as well!

Little Miss ready for a trip to the hotel pool

One of my very favorite days was when we drove out toward Multnomah Falls and we stopped at a place where you could get into the water.  There were lots of people around and you definitely had to want it as there were some slippery sloshy trails to get there but we found a spot to let the kids play in the water with enough people passing by to make it friendly but relatively having it to ourselves.  It was absolutely wonderful!  

Cora & I just sat on the edge and played with rocks and water for so long.  She had so much fun.  

Brother did a bit more exploring!  I was so proud of him.  He can be my cautious boy so this was a lot of fun to see.  

On one of the trails later on

The waterfalls . . . oh the waterfalls are so spectacular!!!  I cannot get enough of them.  There are so many different ones to hike to!  

sweet thirsty boy

In the city we discovered an ice cream shop on our first trip to Portland that has us dreaming of it when we are back home in Colorado!  Olive oil ice cream - sounds terrible?  It is exquisite!!

And a SUPER fun thing is that while we were there I posted the photo above and my cousin saw it and asked "where are you?"  She didn't know we were in Portland and we didn't know SHE was in Portland.  She was there for an internship and had been in town mere days!  We got to have dinner and ice cream AGAIN together the next night but we didn't get a photo! :( 

My boy enjoying his amazing dairy free ice cream!  Seriously it tasted soo yummy AND  he had a choice of flavors and they weren't all fruit ice flavors!  It was a special thing indeed!

and running with his ice cream, probably not a good idea 

Yikes, 9:25 p.m. on the train and we're still out with our kids!  They were SUCH troopers though!

So much eye candy

 I like these old buildings and lettering

You know you're in Portland when you spot guitar picks as litter

another fun find for my little food allergy guy, super yummy banana nut bread at our favorite Portland coffee shop



This picture CRACKS me up!  These were some tired kiddos!  

Yummy salad at another restaurant

Have I mentioned that the Portland food scene is the stuff of our foodie dreams??!

and our last visit to Salt and Straw . . . 

It was a fantastic trip all around!  

Back in the Denver Airport

We flew in the same day as my dad so we killed some time in the airport so we could all ride back to Colorado Springs together.  

Sitting on the air conditioning vent!  

And eating graham crackers!


Kim said...

This makes me so anxious for our trip to Portland!

Kori said...

So fun! I was in Portland once. Went from Searcy at the last weekend of July (100 degrees plus) to Portland where it rained nearly all the time. I had to borrow my aunt's sweatshirts. I was FREEZING! We hiked and enjoyed the waterfalls. But I FROZE! There was a really cool park in town with a man made waterfall too. You could walk behind the waterfall and look through. It was really cool (and cold). :) Did y'all find that? You may have to add that to your list for next time. :-)