Friday, January 9, 2015

Year in Review - May - on the road

So after traction, the cast, a cold winter, the flu, a trip cancelled, etc., etc. I was beginning to have quite the case of cabin fever.  I was practically begging Adrian to get me out of Colorado Springs in some form or fashion!  

When one of Adrian's college buddies who I have since gotten to be friends with too asked if we wanted to meet halfway in South Dakota we jumped at it.  We traveled on Memorial Day weekend and it was our first big road trip with the kids.  They did GREAT!  We stopped to picnic on the way and obviously shed clothes (don't remember why exactly) and wore jammies (because we would wear them 24/7 if Mom would let us) and why not?!

We rented a great little cabin and cooked and hung out, visited Mount Rushmore and rode a train.  South Dakota is truly beautiful and it was a new state for us which was fun!  

sweet girl in her Mama's vintage shirt

We drove back via some back roads and got to see amazing wildlife!  Bison, coyote, prairie dogs, birds.  It was fantastic!!!

Then we were home just two days before taking off for Dallas!  

We really enjoy getting back there to visit friends and it also served as the jumping off place for Adrian to go on a work trip and for me to visit a college friend and her family with the kids.  

We had a GREAT time!

This boy could ride the Skylink at DFW Airport all day long.  Always a big attraction!  See how happy he is?!  He was pretending to be the driver.  

He is also strong enough to help with luggage and carseats before getting in the "lentil car" as he likes to call it (even though he knows it is a rental car!  Silly boy!)

We got to spend one whole entire lovely day with friends enjoying lunch, playing outside and inside, dinner on the patio, catching up, encouraging, bonding, etc., etc. 

I LOVE this artwork by this pretty and talented girl!!!

I'd been seeing that all my Dallas friends were going to the new Klyde Warren Park so we checked it out too while we were in town.  We were impressed.  It was a lot of fun.  

little climber

he loves to push the buttons for the traffic signals

My sweet, wonderful friend Jenny kindly watched both of our kids for us so we could go on a special date and re-visit what might possibly be our favorite restaurant anywhere (and you know for us that is saying A LOT) Rise no. 1 did not disappoint again!  

AND my cousins, Ryan and Caitlin were there checking out there would become home the same weekend we were and we got to go to In and Out Burgers together!!

time with one of my college roomates! 

finally getting to meet each other's kids and seeing them play together and all of us cooking and eating and playing and enjoying each other's families and being outside . . . wonderful times!  

Oh and thank you for introducing us to Wild Kratts!!!


Courtney Bailey said...

In love with the Harding shirt!

Kim said...

You packed a lot in in May!

Kim said...

Oh, is Rise no. 1 in Dallas - looked delicious!