Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Year in Review - April - Easter

We had a nice Easter.  It was lovely to have warm-ish weather for Easter!  In Colorado Springs, you never know what you are going to get!

Easter baskets - David got a magnifying glass, some airplane shaped paper clips, markers and some "recycled items" like the bunny pez dispenser (new candy) and the yellow duck full of jelly beans which is a tradition for him.  I totally "shopped the house" (as the Nester says) and put in bubbles, bunnies, chickies, a ball, etc. that we already had.  :)  She was thrilled and of course didn't know the difference.  

I don't think it is important to buy a bunch of new trinkets for Easter baskets, stockings, etc. especially when the labor gone into making them is often not under the best conditions for the workers.  Cheap goods cost someone.

I love that their Easter baskets are so similar.  Cora's Easter basket is the one I had growing up and I found his which is slightly bigger but the same pattern of basket at Goodwill for 99 cents a couple years ago!

They hunted eggs in our living room Easter morning with these pails.  

David made this at preschool!  Have I mentioned how much we LOVE our preschool??!

sweet boy ready to go

Daddy and a still sleepy Cora

will you look at those back rolls???  

I love them so!!! 

She QUICKLY got the hang of this gig.  

Some of the eggs in the living room contained clues as to where they could find their baskets.  This reminds me of things my parents used to do for us as kids. There were lots of treasure hunts, egg hunts, hide and seek, etc. in our childhoods.  

This was as good as it got for a family picture.  Four and one can be hard ages.  :) 

Thank you, Aunt Kim, for my dress!  

These two were cute.  They got fewer eggs than they might have because they needed to look inside and inspect the contents of each egg they found and sometimes sample before moving on in the hunt.  :) 

And Nana has a traditional special egg carton lunch for the kids on Easter!  So fun!   

We are hugely thankful for a risen Lord.  The gift of salvation is beyond our comprehension.  


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Kim said...

All the expressions captured are precious whether super excited or "not so much".