Thursday, January 8, 2015

Year in Review - May at home

this girl and these boots!  too much!!!  

After our weeks of flu quarantine we finally had reached the time period that we should no longer be contagious so I planned for us to run a few errands, go to the library, etc. to get out of the house!  Well, the night before at a little after midnight I wake up to David crying and having thrown up (we had had true influenza,  not stomach flu!) What???  So I didn't feel right about taking him someplace where other people could get our germs but we NEEDED to get out of the house at this point so we went to the park, sat by ourselves and picnicked!  It was lovely!  And he never threw up again so who knows what that was all about.  

Finally getting to take the bike trailer out behind our tandem since Cora was big enough now!  Look at these two cuties with their hand intertwined!  

Daddy and Daughter

big girl

tulips that my prayer sister from church had given me bulbs for that we planted in the fall came up!  

this girlie really loved not being in her cast anymore and being able to go places and get down on the floor and make messes!  what better to make a mess with than books, right?

pulling up

right before a tiny tumble into the flower bed

For about eight months while I was nursing Cora I couldn't eat dairy or eggs because we thought she was allergic (now it looks like she is only allergic to eggs not milk!) and so this salad was one of many celebrations after she was weaned in May!  

This was the amazing dessert that Jeremy and Mandy made on Mother's Day!  

Speaking of Mother's Day, THIS was the view outside on Mother's Day in Colorado Springs.  While we were eating lunch around Jeremy and Mandy's table and listening to Pandora, "Silent Night" began to play - seemed appropriate with the weather.  

My "official" mother's day photo with my kids.  :)  Sometimes you just have to give up on the "pretty picture" and go with the flow.  

This pretty girl got to have a breakfast date with Nana and I at Over Easy while brother was in preschool.  

Someone got some mustaches in his Easter eggs!  Apparently watching Chuggington is best done in disguise.  

Sweet girly enjoying a coffee shop date with Mama and I friend I made at the thrift store, crazily enough!  

All tired out.  

This boy got to go to one of his favorite places after preschool for the last day of school and Daddy even met us to celebrate!  Louie's Pizza was smart to put coupons in the summer reading program prize pack.  This boy is hooked - I think the car you can drive (he doesn't know about feeding it quarters yet) and the pink lemonade are bigger draws than the pizza. 

putt putt golf "school's out" celebration with our preschool teacher and friends

We discovered that this girl LOVES corn and can eat as much as any of the rest of us!!! 

cute boy with a Mother's Day present for Mama

Look how fun this is!  Two years in a row, two different preschool teachers helped the kids make this same gift!  It is fun to see how his hand has grown.  AND I know this is a sacrificial gift to me because I have learned from him that he does not enjoy having his hand or foot painted.  

say cheese!

And Adrian got a new to him bike in May!


sweet sleepy girl

Mother Daughter Tea at church

Cora is wearing a dress that was mine when I was little and pearls from her Nana

getting tickled by Daddy

two fisting it with the corn

decided she's about over headbands

We did a really fun thing in May that I'd seen online, the Family Dinner Book Club.  We read Winnie the Pooh, the original story and we were pleased and surprised with how much David took in from us reading aloud this chapter book.  We all really enjoyed it and we had a Winnie the Pooh dinner complete with a forest of mismatched trees on the table, honeybee wrapping paper as a table runner, honey chicken and a small pimiento jar that I washed out and painted with HUNNY like Pooh and put honey in for David to eat straight out of the jar for dessert.  He was pretty enthralled by that!  

birthday dress from Aunt Gail 

and one of my very most favorite pictures with my girl ever!  

Next up May travels and then summer!  


Kim said...

So many precious pictures, but the hands entertwined have to be my favorite. I did like those red polka dot shoes though :-)

Courtney Bailey said...

In love with the Hundred Acre Woods idea!

Mindy S. said...

My very favorite is the second picture of Cora in the library with all of the books on the floor! I think you should share that with your library. =)