Saturday, January 3, 2015

Year in Review - April - David's birthday!

Oh this boy!! 

His intensity

His delight

His love of sweet things and delight in food in general

He turned four years old!  

And he got to open a big present from us

wrapped in mismatched (but coordinating?!) paper because the box was so big


it was a big boy booster seat for the car!  He was so proud!  And so immediately we needed to go SOMEWHERE.  We drove to Josh and John's ice cream downtown (yes, in April, in his jack-o-lantern shirt, four year olds will wear what they want, unless you hide the clothes you don't want them to wear away but I didn't have the heart when he LOVES the zipper mouthed pumpkin that opens to reveal a picture of candy corn!) 

 And then we had his birthday party.  He wanted an airplane party again.  He wanted Nana and Ducca and Caleb and Aaron and Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy there and our neighbor.  And he wanted pancakes and a blueberry cake with blueberry frosting (because the sky is blue of course!) and he wanted marshmallows for the clouds and he wanted a tiered cake like Cora had.  It was all a lot of fun!  It is fun to make your child's dreams come true.  

I made an arrival/departures board and I can't BELIEVE I spelled PittsburgH wrong!  Oh my!  Oops.  

from my childhood

see?  washi tape! 

the birthday boy!  

sweet cousin "twins"

 photo of the parents with the birthday boy!  

someone (I can't remember who now!) told me a fabulous idea which was to have all of the kids sit in their own spaces and then when the birthday child opens the gift from them they get to go sit by him/her.  It keeps everyone from crowding around crazily and also provides for some good photo ops.  Isn't that fantastic?

Nana and David

super excited about this playdoh set from Caleb and Aaron

And so here we go . . . 4 years old.