Sunday, January 4, 2015

Year in Review - April - Cora's birthday party

I had SUCH fun with my little girl's first birthday party!!!  

We had a baby dolls and books first birthday party with lots of pink and green.  

I learned how to make ruffled streamers and put these thrift store streamers that I'd bought years ago in TX to good use!  

Since we were still spending a lot of time at home because of the cast, I crafted and decorated and decorated and had such a good time.  Ashley inspired this little arrangement and the thread was my Poppy's.  

#1 cake topper made from a pipe cleaner and a skewer atop one of the glass cake pedestals from our wedding!

thrifted green chair from the Old Glory Antique Fair two years ago

Pink streamers bought back in Coppell - it was as if a bunch of this stuff was just waiting for the right occasion (or that I have a lot of stuff I keep!) 

Cora liked her biggest balloon EVER!!! 

pretty girl!!!

one finger

baby dolls and books!

a pattern that I bought at a garage sale in Colorado Springs when we were visiting before we moved here when the lady holding the garage sale asked if I had a little girl (since I was buying vintage patterns for baby girl clothes) and I said no but that I hoped to one day and she prayed then and there that I would!), baby doll from Mrs. Lea, birthday cake, baby doll from Nana, one of our favorite board books from Mindy, pink!, baby doll from Nana, one of my favorite books from childhood, The Ginghams, mason jars as drinking glasses with strips of vintage sheets and thrifted lace trims tied around them and straws leftover from our wedding!!!  Oh my! 

I bought the pans for this cake at a garage sale in Sitka, AK.  Such a fun memory.  

Cora's first year through the lens of her Mama and Daddy

Cora and Ducca

Cora and Caleb

Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy with Cora

Cora and Mama

Cora and Nana

sweet birthday girl with her crown

poor baby HATED the thought of cake!  She wanted NO part of it and just cried and cried!

Now though she LOVES cake and asks for it frequently!  Who knows!!

Such a sweet helpful brother!

smiling again!  

what does one do without a cousin and brother to help?

trying for cake photos one more time the next morning but she still didn't want it.  She was super excited about that strawberry though!  

Her birthday party was just family but I invited a few other girls and moms over for a playdate one morning while David was at preschool and we still had all the decorations up.  It was a lot of fun!  

I LOVE this photo!  

Cora's verse

me and my Mama around my first birthday

streamers and strips torn from vintage sheets 


Kim said...

Another fun day! Isn't pink fun?

BR said...

i have never seen a more lovingly planned birthday party! how very sweet in every way! thank you for sharing these photos! i don't recall seeing many of these ever before. and they are just beautiful. truly.
love it!! and i remember you buying those cake pans. wow. i'm in awe of you. you = NOT a wimp.

Courtney Bailey said...

Soo adorable! Love all the amazing (and pink) decorations!

the Whitelaws said...

You know how to throw a party! How gifted you are! David and Cora will cherish these parties forever.