Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review - January 2014

As I was reading a local blog I was excited for her that for the first time in the 6 years she's been blogging, she had posted every single day in 2014 and as I commented I realized that I had probably posted the least this year of any year I've been blogging and as I came over here to my little space on the internet, I discovered that it was absolutely true!  By a long shot!

So, I am going to attempt a series of 12 posts "real quick" (I am *not* staying up until midnight so we shall see . . . ) to recap our year both for ourselves and for any of you who are interested. 
I would love to read your comments if you do take a moment to scroll through.  Or if you're reading on your phone I totally get that it is too hard to comment!!!  Text me or email me or even . . . gasp, call me instead!

So here goes, January 2014.

We rang in the new year preschool/toddler style with an early, low key party.  

Cora's room that I have never actually finished completely photographing and she is now 20 months old but I either need to just take an hour and do it or let it go!  Fun BIG basket that I got at a yard sale.  Fun story, I stopped at the sale with Sweetie when she was visiting and they were asking 20 bucks for this basket!  A few weeks later I pulled up to a sale at the same house not realizing it was the same one until I recognized this basket and a few other things.  This time they were asking $2!  Sold!!!

My Aunt Gail made this quilt!  Isn't it amazing?  I love the ruffled edge, the pinwheel pattern and the colors!  I love the crib that was a garage sale find before David was born and the luscious ruffled crib skirt was a labor of LOVE from my mama and the painted nursery (pale pink with a light grey accent wall) was a labor of love from my dad!  Crib sheet from my sweet friend, Jenee and I do love the wood floors in her room and the other bedrooms in our home.    

I will admit that looking back through these photos has brought some pain.  On December 30, 2014 Cora was diagnosed with hip displasia.  It was a really, really hard time BUT God saw us through completely and wonderfully and we are so thankful these days of traction, surgery, casting, etc. are behind us.  Being prayerful that they will not need to be repeated in years to come but it is a possibility.

I did love those little ice cream jammies though.  Thanks, Emily and Lilli!

Nana always brightens up a dreary day!!! 

Sweet girl was SUCH a champ with her traction!

my cutie little snow shoveler

Thank you Jenny and Lyndle for hand me downs as well!!!

Pretty girl!  All dressed up to go to the library if I remember correctly.  We were soaking up this pre-cast time.  

This girl still loves her apples a year later.  In fact "apple" was one of her first words!  In Europe she began just totally going after them, seeds, core and all!  

Stringing cheerios during "quiet alone time" - formerly called "nap".  

sibling photo shoot

snow ice cream!

Cora's surgery was January 30th


Karen said...

Love all these photos of some of my favorite people. Thanks for saying I brightening dreary day. Love you.

Courtney Bailey said...

So cute! Amazing how much (growing) truly happens in a year! Love you!

BR said...

Loved your post! So you will post 11 more in 12 days? Or what is the goal? Anyway, the more of your writing I get to read, the better. You have a sweet heart and you are a very thoughtful person so I do hope you Have the opportunity to write more in 2015. Your writing makes blogging so much more special and different than Instagram. And I mean you are thoughtful like you think deeply about things and you are very intentional about the way you live your life which I really appreciate and am inspired by. Not like a flippant "thoughtful" like "oh, what a thoughtful person!" Says Kimberly about Tiffany. Although sometimes I get tired thinking about how much you think about stuff because I think you think about important stuff more than I do. Lol. Good friends that complement one another, eh? Love you! Yes, continue writing. God has gifted you for it & you touch many with your writing. Maybe you will author a book one of these days, in your spare time, too! I'd love to see what book you would write.

Kori said...

Oh Betty makes me laugh but her words are true! :-) The statement of your dad's labor of love painting Cora's room reminded me a your room growing up and that HUGE labor of love!