Monday, December 29, 2014

Dressember style challenge

Dressember is so much fun!  

I am cozy in a sweater dress today so kindly given to me by my friend Tabitha!  Thank you, Tabitha!  It is quite snowy and blowy outside today.  

While the temps have dipped outside the numbers on my fundraising page keep climbing and climbing!  Thank you all so much!  Together we have crossed the $1,000 mark!!!  

This is incredible!!!

In today's post I wanted to tell you about a fun Dressember challenge that happened last week and is happening again tomorrow!  

Every Tuesday Dressember teams up with a coast to coast style challenge and encourages Dressember participants to not only wear a dress but to put a twist on it.  Two weeks ago was to layer a vest over a dress.  Last week was to incorporate animal print and tomorrow is to wear sequins!  

I issued a challenge to nearly 150 friends and family that for everyone who:

a) wore a dress along with me last Tuesday (12/23)
b) incorporated animal print in their outfit
c) told at least one person about the Dressember project and the work of International Justice Mission 

I would donate $1 per person to the Dressember campaign.  

These ten wonderful women joined with me and sent me their photos!  


THREE generations here!   Brenda pictured above and Erin, Clara and Ava below

two generations here, why oh why didn't I dress Cora in some of her leopard print leggings?!  
yours truly above and my wonderful mama below

my sweet friend Marcella



and my fantastic mother-in-law, Rebecca!

Doesn't they all look so great!  It was so much fun to get the photos rolling in!  

So, anyone up for wearing sequins tomorrow?

Same deal applies, if you 

a) wear a dress along with me tomorrow (or Wednesday if you don't read this until you're already dressed on Tuesday!)
b) include sequins in your outfit
c) tell at least one person about the Dressember project and the work of International Justice Mission 

I will donate $1 per person to the Dressember campaign.  

I would dearly love it if you send me a photo if you join in!  

Bonus points if you post your photo on social media and spread the word of what Dressember is all about and what International Justice Mission is up to!!!!

We are changing lives!!



Karen said...

Hi Brenda. It was so much fun seeing you on this post. For others who may see this, Brenda and I were high school friends and then our daughters were high school friends.

Sharon Wang said...

Dug through my entire closet - I don't own anything with sequins! Hmm, perhaps my wedding dress and maybe a bridesmaids dress, but neither of those have fit me for years!