Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so much going on!

Life is really wonderful! We are so close to the wedding! So many fun things are happening!
Unfortunately Hurricane Ike displaced my family for a bit but we got to have my parents, my Aunt Kim, my brother and my nephew here for a long weekend! It was so much fun!
Sunday was our church shower and it was so much fun!
Today is my school shower!
I am just plugging away every day when I get home from school on wedding projects, phone calls, organization . . .
Last Thursday, in addition to my family, 8 girls came over and helped tie ribbons, make labels, clean jars, make bow bouquets, etc., etc., etc. It was so much fun and got me so energized! I am soo thankful for their assistance as well as that of my family while they were here.
Remember my wondering whether to do the napkins? Well, I decided not to but today heard about this etsy seller. Really cool! Had I known sooner I might have done it.
One more thing on the personal shopping topic: If anyone sees a GREAT, comfy, super cute dress preferably in orange or maybe robin's egg for me to wear to the rehearsal/social, let me know where you saw it! Thanks! Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Kelly, you are too cute; I'm chuckling over how many times you wrote "so much fun" in this post! Good for you for enjoying this time, not letting the endless details keep you from having "so much fun."

Karen said...

I was thinking the same thing as mod girl. It was so much fun seeing all your "so much funs".

And, yes, being with you and Adrian was "so much fun" even though we were evacuees.